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Our Mission
Secure North America's EV Revolution

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About StromVolt

An Answer to the Lithium Cell Shortages

The growing demand for electric vehicles is at odds with the lithium battery capacity constraints faced globally. As these strains continue to build, North America is facing greater exposure to geopolitical risks with restricted access to critical intellectual property. StromVolt was founded to address the lithium cell shortages while owning the innovation and intellectual property development to raise the viability of North American clean tech leadership.


Launch Case

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Stromcore has a demonstrated history of delivering consistent and strong growth with established expertise in advanced battery manufacturing from module to pack. Their strong growth has resulted in a quest to find a secure cell supplier offering the characteristics to maintain their product advantages, namely long cycle life and fast charging capabilities.

StromVolt has acquired the rights to cutting-edge cell technology from Taiwan-based Delta Electronics. StromVolt and Delta are cooperating closely in to scale up manufacturing in Canada and to set up local R&D capabilities.  Delta is a global leader in power and thermal management solutions.

Technology Partner

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